Enhanced Replacement Parts & Services

Most jukeboxes when first made had an expected service life of around 5 years with manufacturers encouraging operators to update and junk their older models. It’s amazing how many have actually survived the 30, 40, 50+ years! Today we find certain parts are long passed their service life and need replacing or specialist attention. To keep our restorations not only looking good but working reliably for the foreseeable future, we designed a number of products that replace known old and unreliable parts. Some are now available to owners and restorers to improve the reliability of their machines too.

AMi Jukeboxes: Model G, H, I and J upgrades

These ever popular machines even when new suffered certain reliability issues. Add to this years of wear and tear and they can become challenging! They become temperamental or stop working completely, frustrating for owners and restorers. Often cleaning or adjusting gets them working for a few weeks but then the problems are back. This detracts from enjoying these great jukeboxes – until now! We have designed and made reliable solutions to the three main mechanical/electrical problems this range of jukeboxes suffer from:

Scan Switch module

Pulse Converter overhaul

Cam Shaft switch replacement.

New! Wurlitzer replacement Transfer and Play/Mute switches

Wurlitzer Transfer and Play/Mute switches