Frequently Asked Questions

Are jukeboxes expensive?
The price depends on the make, model and age of the jukebox. For example, a console style jukebox from the 70’s can cost as little as £2,000. However the many years of pleasure you’ll get from your jukebox and the fact that they do increase in value, your purchase will be a good long term investment.

Can you still get the records?
Yes! 7 inch vinyl discs were made in their millions during the past 50 years and many have survived. A number of record dealers can be found on the internet, while specialist fairs and even the odd car-boot sale should yield some classic vinyl.

You can have a brand new record cut from any music source you have – CD, cassette, mp3, downloaded WAV files etc. I use the company detailed on the LINKS page and find the result excellent.

Where should I put my jukebox?
Jukeboxes look good almost anywhere – in lounges, kitchens, under stairs, hallways, conservatories and game rooms. For corporate purchasers, a jukebox would look great in your company’s entrance or board room.

Most jukeboxes are relatively easy to move around. Often fitted with castors, the majority will fit through a standard door (28 inch width).

If space is a potential issue, we can source smaller sized jukeboxes (typically 32 inches wide) that will fit just about anywhere.

Which one?
Possibly the most difficult question! There could be several options to suit the type you’d like and your budget. Style is very much a personal choice, but we recommend that you browse the classic and custom galleries for inspiration and to see what sort of models are available.