scan B SCAN ONE: AMi scan switch module

The original scan switch fitted to AMi jukeboxes starts the record basket rotating when ever a selection is made. It also scans (rotates) one complete revolution when the record finishes searching for any other selections.  Located behind the popularity meter on AMi models G, H, I and J, it was never over reliable as confirmed on the later K model where AMi not only redesigned but relocated it to a more accessible position.

So not only difficult to access but also to adjust correctly.  The typical problem symptoms are turntable failing to start (or stop), the record basket continuously rotating after a record is played or stops but then ‘jerks’ every now and then.

AMi model H, I and J scan module by Your Jukebox Co

SCAN ONE time adjustment control

AMi model H, I and J scan module by Your Jukebox Co

SCAN ONE connection terminals

The SCAN ONE module replaces the factory fitted scan switch and bracket assembly. It will always rotate the record basket one full revolution before and after playing a record even if the A.C. mains power has been interrupted, just like the original. It connects to the same wiring loom but importantly can be sited on top of the record changer where there is better access. The scan time can be adjusted from approximately 15 to 30 seconds. Once fitted the module requires no other adjustment or maintenance.

Fully suppressed minimising audible clicks when in operation. The wiring connections are by screw terminals – no soldering required.

For AMi jukebox models G,H, I and J

£100.00 including postage (UK) and 6 months warranty

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Designed and manufactured by Your Jukebox Company in England

AMi model H, I and J scan module by Your Jukebox Co

SCAN ONE fitted to an AMi I