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Fulfilling your jukebox dreams

There’s something really satisfying about the way a vinyl playing jukebox delights the senses. Good looks, rich sounds and visible mechanical operation add up to a unique pleasure.

Wherever you put it, a jukebox becomes the focal point of a room. It begs to be looked at and listened to. Glamorous, lively and ready to excite, jukeboxes retain a special place in the hearts of those who remember them while intriguing those too young to recall that golden era.

At Your Jukebox Company we take pride in restoring jukeboxes to the highest standard, ensuring your purchase is a reliable investment for the future. Our jukeboxes shamelessly boast rich colours, bright lights and quality cabinets, with shiny metal grilles and polished chrome.

While restoring and renovating, we will enhance appearance and performance wherever we can, without compromising classic looks and value.

Your new jukebox might take pride of place in a living room, or brighten up a company’s reception area, or grace a pub, club or bar. Wherever it is destined to shine, Your Jukebox Company is confident that it will match your expectations – and continuously strive to exceed them.

Jukeboxes currently available for sale:

1965 Rock-ola 429 Starlet ‘rat look’

On their way: Wurlitzer 2000 Centenial and AMI Continental 1