Wurlitzer Transfer and Play/Mute switches

Replacement Transfer switch for models: 1700 to 2600, all variants, mono and stereo

Replacement Play/Mute switch for models: 1900 to 2700, all variants, mono and stereo

Excludes model 2000 at this time

The original Wurlitzer ‘leaf’ were used between 1954 to 1963 and at the time very reliable. Many decades later they are wearing out and difficult to clean/service. Typical symptoms are record carousel not operating when a selection is made, no sound, record not loading to turn table. Your Jukebox Company now manufacture a replacement Transfer switch called TS ONE and a Play/Mute switch called PS ONE.

  • Features
  • Uses the same fixings as the original switches.
  • High quality plug-in relays are reliable and easy to service.
  • All connections are screw terminals, no soldering required.
  • No external boards or wiring.
  • Micro-switch mounted on stainless steel bracket gives reliable actuatio



TS ONE Transfer switch:  £80.00 inc UK postage

PS ONE Play/Mute switch:  £80.00 inc UK postage

TS ONE + PS ONE SAVE 12%:  £140.00 inc UK postage 

Click here to download a PDF with installation instructions.

Photograph showing the PS ONE Play/Mute switch and the TS ONE Transfer Switch