When a record selection is made, the Pulse Converter translates the choice into a mechanical selection that the record player mechanism requires. The design was based around a ‘pulse stepper’ system so that wall boxes could be connected without an additional interface, which most other jukeboxes required. Unfortunately, the mechanical aspects of the design were the weak link and gave the operators of the time a lot of headache. Typical problems are missed/incorrect selections, ‘hunting’ where no selection is found or completely stops working.


The original relays are all removed and replaced by a circuit board fitted with improved control circuits and modern (plug-in) relays. All remaining coils are checked, contacts refaced and carefully set.  Web 1This improved design reduces arcing and carbon build up on the search wiper tracks, drastically lowers missed selections and decreases future  maintenance.

web2All search wipers (5 total) are replaced, the A.C. motor is removed, oiled and adjusted for correct clutch slip. The wiper PCBs are de-greased and tracks polished. The letter/number red stepping wheels are ultra-sonic cleaned and new oiled bearings fitted. Electrical suppression is added reducing the typical pops and bangs in the speaker when making selections. After the overhaul, the unit is tested using an AMi jukebox prior to dispatching back to you.

You can now fit your Pulse Converter back to the jukebox using the instructions in the AMi manual (a push switch on the PCB takes the place of the ‘pulser’ relay) or following the instructions on the link below.

NOTE- The Pulse Converter you send must be complete and serviceable as replacement parts are not available.

For AMi jukebox model G, H, I and J

£325.00 including return postage (UK).

click here for Pulse Converter fitting instructions