CAM ONE: AMi and Bal-AMi camshaft switch replacement

AMI Camshaft switches by Your Jukebox Co

CAM ONE fitted to an AMi I

Original camshaft switches

Original leaf switches fitted to an AMi H

 The camshaft switches fitted to AMi jukeboxes are a vital part of their operation and reliability. Dirty contacts or wrong adjustment of the original leaf switches cause a number of problems including transfer motor bind or toggle solenoid burn out. This is why AMi, on the model K up, moved away from the copper leaf switches replacing them with more reliable micro switches.

The CAM ONE is a direct replacement panel for the original leaf switches, using

quality micro switches. Once fitted they will no longer go out of adjustment and do not suffer from burnt/open circuit contacts. The awkward switch timing adjustment of the leaf switches is no longer an issue as this is designed into CAM ONE.


Easy to fit – remove the old leaf switches, replace with CAM ONE and join wires to the screw terminal block – no drilling or soldering required. 

Only one switch adjustment is required which is detailed in the instructions.

For AMi and Bal-AMi jukebox models G, H, I and J

£110.00 including postage (UK) and 6 months warranty.

CAM ONE fitting instructions

Designed and manufactured by Your Jukebox Company in England

AMi camshaft switch by Your Jukebox Co

CAM ONE camshaft switch replacement